Podcast Editing - 4 Episode Package


Podcast Editing - 4 Episode Package

from 150.00

The Four Episode Package is for the podcaster that wishes to deliver a weekly podcast.

What’s Included?

  • Editing out filler words, long pauses, breaths, mouth noises, and crutch phrases.

  • Assemble with Intro and Outro you provide (must belong to you, no copyrighted music please).

  • Convert to high quality MP3 file.

  • Adding your Cover Art, Title, and Keyword Tags.

  • Noise Removal, Hiss/Hum/Click removal, Vocal Balancing, Compression, and Equalization

  • Exporting the file to -16 LUFS

  • Delivering the finished file to you.

Please allow for a 72 hour turnaround time per episode. 24 Hour Expedited Service Is Available as an Add-on Service.

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