All in Podcast

329: Intentional Tech

I'm getting ready to take a week off from everything next week, and that seems like a perfect time to delete a bunch of stuff from my phone and figure out exactly what it is I'm using.

324: Embrace the Boredom

After a bit of a windup -- no, really, the open took six minutes -- Roley is reading a book called Digital Minimalism which dovetails with the anti Facebook, anti mindless scrolling kick he's on right now.

322: Sanguinis Pura

Roley rants a bit about the Biden Problem, and laments that we're shaping up to have a battle about who is bluer than whom.

You know what that gets you? Four more years of THIS.


308: Varsity Boos

We've graduated beyond Helicopter Parents, Now Mom is a fixer.

It's not 'tell me the name of the judge', now it's 'tell me the name of the test administrator.'