Dailies 7/9/2019

Dailies 7/9/2019

Occupational hazards of short folks, part baljillion.

Occupational hazards of short folks, part baljillion.

Sometimes it just takes one thing to put a wrench in the day. Just one thing. That happened today. I was able to finish the one big thing I wanted to do today. In addition, something I have been asking for finally arrived so I can complete the job assigned to me.

And then…

Part of me really wants to get mad, and a younger Kris would have already done that. This Kris knows that getting into an argument isn’t going to do any good at all. So I grin and bear it. Even when I know I’m in the right, I just suck it up.and do it, whatever it is. I do this because the argument expends more energy than just saying “Fine. Whatever”, and getting on with it.

One day closer to The Beach. In the end, that’s all it is. When you frame it that way, I don’t care if I’m right or wrong. I care about getting it done. Then I care about going home, and eventually, I care about making it to The Beach.

I find that I can live with the bullshit that way.

1980’s Anime version of Stranger Things.

Am I the only person who has not watched this show? Am I missing out on something?

This has me somewhat intrigued. But then, I like Anime. So, am I about to be very disappointed?

Wiser people than I have said this today, but listen: There are lots of things 14 year old girls can do, but being able to consent isn’t one of them. They are also not prostitutes. A 14 year old girl is a hostage and a rape victim. I’m usually all for the media trying to get it right. They aren’t getting this right.

The apologists for Trump are out in force on this one. I’m going to tell you exactly what I said when Mueller got appointed: If it’s bullshit, then it’s bullshit. That will come out without your apologists needing to be planted all around. That’s obviously not what’s happening. I’ve seen someone try to blame the Epstein case on Obama. So here is where we are. In order to protect the President, and stick it to Hillary, Bill, Obama, and anyone else they don’t like, they are willing to defend a child molester.

It’s not anyone’s fault but Epstein’s, and whoever helped him.

Going to be very sad to see some very good and talented people leaving the day job this week, one in particular who I really feel did not get a very fair shake. However, it’s keeping in pattern with what I believe to be true about corporate life and working ‘for the man’. We are commodities, we are exploited for the corp’s benefit, but we don’t get anywhere near the ROI we should as employees. That may be specific to the call center industry, but I doubt it. This is the third time I have seen a good person, a talented person, someone who can bring value to whatever position they apply to in order to advance, get shafted. Just at this place. In 30 years, I’ve seen it more times than I care to count, and it’s just sad.

You’ll have to excuse me, my inner Pirate is awake and pissed off.

That said, I have some material to write. See you tomorrow.

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Dailies 7/10/2019

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Dailies 7/8/2019