Dailies 7/15/2019

Dailies 7/15/2019

I’m not a fanatic for much, but I go hard on all of the following.

  • Anything Related to Pink Floyd or Rush.

  • Doctor Who

  • The World Cup (also known around here as Don’t F’ing Bug Me Month)

  • The Summer Olympics. Specifically Swimming, Diving, Volleyball, and Boxing.

Like most of America in 1984, I watched the LA Olympics. I say ‘watched’. ‘Mainlined’ may be a more apt descriptor. I don’t think I missed anything they didn’t put on TV. I cheered Joan Benoit (From the Great State of Maine) as she won the Marathon. I was All In with Mary Lou Retton. I went nuts over Karch Kiraly, Greg Louganis, Kelly McCormick, Carl Lewis, and Ben Johnson. I screamed at the TV when Evander Holyfield got shafted.

…and we all cheered for Sweetpea.

Sweetpea was at one time one of the best boxers in the world, and he was ours. Here in Hampton Roads, we cheered for him. When he had his difficulties later in a life after boxing, we cheered for him then as well because he was one of us.

Today, we get to mourn him. Pernell Whitaker died Sunday Night after being struck by a vehicle at an intersection that, frankly, boggles my mind as to why anyone would be on foot there. It’s just tragic.

LINK: Ah, stupid Incel Toxic Males…you never fail me.

I have begun the writing for what will be the return of The Pungoverse. It will be a series. It will have seasons.

I don’t know how many episodes the season will have yet. Bubba and Al are being really coy with the details right now, but I’ll weasel it out of them. But it will be a story. As they will all be from now on. I have a list of all the stories I want to tell, and have never gotten around to figuring out how to tell them.

Im also writing a podcast based on—for a start—how to start a podcast. That by itself is going to take weeks.

Short one tonight, kids. I spent most of the evening under a refrigerator. I think it’s fixed now. The cold parts are cold for the moment. Time will tell.

See you tomorrow!

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