Dailies 7/10/2019

Dailies 7/10/2019

A housekeeping issue: Over on the sidebar, you’ll note that I have added all the ways and places you can subscribe to the poddlements. This is not an insignificant thing, because I have finally bucked down and ensured the podcast was at all those places. So, pick your poison. if you subscribe to me on the Socialz, then you’ll see these links posted shortly(ish). Possibly repeatedly. Possibly Ad Nauseum. Possibly I’m sorry about that, but also possibly not.

You might ask yourself why I slapped a picture of Megan Rapinoe on today’s post. Megan is the latest example of someone being told to shut up, and instead used the platform she’s been given to inspire, lift up, and maybe gloat just a little.

She’s a badass, she has transcended sports, and reached the icon status, where pretty soon we will be saying ‘Megan’ like we say ‘Michael’, or ‘Ali’. We will be talking about her decades from now. That’s why.

TIL Gutenberg didn’t invent the printing press. Choe Yun-ui did

A Teaser for the new movie “Orbital Era’ by Katsuhiro Otomo, the creator of the greatest Anime movie ever, ‘Akira’

You had me at Akira.

It’s a very weird feeling when you’ve sat so long at your desk first thing in the morning that the motion activated lights turn off. I know I’m not THAT sedentary…

This is a very simple thing: Either we are concerned about the human rights of the individual or we aren’t. But if we’re not, I don’t want to hear any politician say we’re the greatest country in the history of the world because that clearly is no longer the case.

Yes, I’m talking about the detention camps.

No, I will not shut up.

LINK: I think we’ve reached peak Gender Reveal.

LINK: Have you ever heard Robert Hazard’s 1979 demo of Girls Just Want to Have Fun? Did you even know it existed?

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Dailies 7/11/2019

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Dailies 7/9/2019