No, Apple didn't delete that guy's movies. Here's what really happened


More likely, the phrase "if the version you purchased isn't also available" speaks volumes about what actually happened here. Few films have a single version sold throughout the world. For a variety of reasons, a movie may get trimmed in one country to get a more approachable rating (say, PG-13 in the US), or to cut politically or culturally sensitive content. And that's not even counting directors' cuts, in which multiple versions of the same film may be sold in the same region.

The customer purchased the movies in Australia, and subsequently moved to Canada. Those movies are still available to download in the AUS Apple Store, but for some reason is a different version in the CAN Store. What we can say definitively is that Apple didn’t remove them. He can change his store setting back to AUS and redownload them.

You won’t hear this from the folks that want to believe that Apple is Satan.