LINK: The CD Commentary You Didn't Know You Needed

Twenty Thousand Hertz:

In the late '70s, NASA launched Voyagers 1 & 2 to explore the furthest reaches of our solar system and beyond. But something amazing was included on those space probes... a 90-minute time capsule of sounds, language, and music from Earth called The Golden Record. Its intended recipient? Any intelligent extraterrestrial life that might stumble upon it. What did Carl Sagan and his team put on the record to represent all of humanity? How would aliens decode it?

For the first time ever, the album will be deconstructed track-by-track. Featuring Tim Ferris and Linda Salzman Sagan, two pioneers behind the record.

This is a really beautiful tribute to the one album I’ll admit might be better than Dark Side of The Moon.

Bonus: I did not know they made this into a box set. I don’t own ant vinyl any more, but the book might be worth the money.