LINK: Knock Down The House

Boing Boing:

The Netflix doc Knock Down the House debuted at Sundance earlier this year, winning the Audience Award for U.S. Documentaries. Directed by Rachel Lears, it follows the midterm Congressional campaigns of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Amy Vilela, Cori Bush, and Paula Jean Swearengin.

I can’t lie. I saw this trailer last week and the second I got home I went to look for it. It hadn’t registered that it wasn’t dropping until May 1st, and I was immediately bummed. I’m looking forward to seeing this.

Say what you want about AOC—and clearly this isn’t an issue for scared Republicans—but it’s very apparent that AOC is way smarter than they think she is, and she’s been living rent free in their heads ever since she took office.

Like it or not, you’re looking at the vanguard of the next generation taking power. I find it funny that we get all this flowery rhetoric from Republicans (and some Democrats) talking about America being this ‘Grand Experiment’ in Democracy, and then they lose their cookies when a new variable gets introduced.