Posts and Pods written and produced by Kris Roley.

Some information about how I do what I do:

For writing posts and basic podcast outlines I use Evernote.  For scripting I use Pages for Mac.

My website is on the Squarespace platform, using a slightly customized version of the Bryler template.  

I use Buffer and Postplanner to find and share content, as well as Feedly as an RSS Reader for my favorite sites.  

Videos are shot on either an iPhone 7 Plus, or a Canon Rebel T5i.  Same for photos.  

For podcasts, I use a Presonus Firestudio Project, a Behringer Xenix X2442 USB Mixer,  and an 5th Generation 9.7 inch iPad, and iPhone 7 Plus with Bossjock.  For the iPad, I use a M-Audio USB mic, and for the iPhone, I use the Zoom iQ5 mic.  I generally use Apple Garageband or Adobe Audition for audio production from my Late 2009 21.5 inch iMac running Sierra.   I use Auphonic for a final bit of polish, and send it off to Libsyn, my podcast host. 


...and more.