Sitting somewhere in the middle is ZCast, and its app. It can’t boast the wattage of podcasters on Spreaker, or the celebrity backers that have signed on to Anchor, but it does have a new list of features that will give its everyday users an easier way to get their podcasts out into the world.

New features on the podcasting app include personal landing pages and better search capabilities so listeners can discover new podcasters, an ability to edit podcast metadata and an embeddable player.

Same principle as Anchor, but I think I like this more.  Simple sign in with Twitter, and it's a straightforward recording with phone mic.   What I am really interested in is the embeddable player.  I'll be looking to see if that embeds to FB, or here on the page.  

I see this as a beginner diarist type cast, maybe for raw street gathering, or as a mobile solution. No audio fairy dust on it, just point and pontificate. 

I'm on there as @krisroley, I'll play with it for a while and hopefully do a more in depth review. 

Kris Roley

Virginia Beach, VA, 23453