Your Possible Pasts


Here's a lyric from ol' Roger:  "They flutter behind you, your possible pasts..."

I have a few of those.  I'm sure we all do. 

There was a time I thought I might be the next Howard Stern.  
I thought I might have a successful military career like my father.  
I thought I might be able to write science fiction.  
I thought I might be a decent musician. 
I might be a decent photographer. 
I might be a good supervisor.
I might be a decent husband and father.
I might be a good podcaster.
I might be a pretty decent financial advisor.
I might be a pretty good...


For a long time, I was none of those things.   Because I thought I had to be perfect at all of them.  And when I wasn't perfect at all of them, I ended up going to the one thing I excelled at.

I was a REALLY good Rageaholic until even that broke me. 

Then a really funny thing happened.  After a while, I started having to accept what worked.  What was 'good enough'.  To my surprise, good enough was...good enough.

Then good enough got better as we went along.  

I'm not Howard Stern
I'm not in the military.
I write a blog.  
I play guitar when I want to.
I'm not a bad photographer, and I get better every day.
I don't care to manage people
I've grown into being a pretty decent husband and father
I'm not a bad podcaster.
I don't worry about money outside of what I need to do with it.  

I'm not perfect.  

I did turn out to be a pretty good Roley, though.

I'll take that.