Warming Thoughts


As much as I’m looking forward to the warmer weather coming—hopefully in the next couple of weeks—I’m wondering what I’m going to do this year once it does warm up.  For someone as freckled and pasty as I get during the winter months, you might be surprised to learn that I love the beach.  I’m probably a case of melanoma waiting to happen at some point, but I just love spending as much time on the beach and outside near the ocean as much as I can.  

I have this cockamamie idea to just hang out at the beach as much as possible this year and just walk around taking iPhoneography and photography as much as possible.  Interview people, and let them tell their stories.  Not business people, but just regular folks that hang out down there.  I’d really like to get one of the many homeless folks that live on the beach to tell me their stories.  It strikes me very much as a ‘People of New York” kind of thing, and I suppose that’s already been done to death, but not here. 

So maybe I’ll do that?  I have some ideas.   I should probably write this stuff down.