Tuesday, April 11th, 2018

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Not everything is political, but I start off that way today. 

Devin update. 


Where Should You Upload Your Podcast?

So, let me tell you what I did starting out, and why that's eventually a bad idea.  Then I'll tell you what to do. 

So, when I was still doing internet radio, and had a button you press to 'tune in', what I had going on back in the late 90s/early 2000s was mp3 files directly on my webhost.  I had a table on the back end that would figure out what time it was where you were, and serve you the mp3 that I had designated for that time slot.  I had it split up in 15 minute segments to make up a 24 hour day.  I had 6 'shows' that you could hear over a 24 hour period.  This was prior to anything about the web we know today. 

Back then, it was easier to just place the files on your server.  These days, I wouldn't do that.  Especially if you are lucky enough to hit a Trending section.  Most webhosts out there say that they give you unlimited bandwidth, but if you get popular enough to disproportionately affect the bandwidth on a server, you're going to find that the provider isn't going to be happy with you.  Unlimited doesn't always mean unlimited.  

When it comes to podcasting, I would use a service like Libsyn or Blubrry, that are specifically designed to deliver your podcast files quickly, and at scale.  I've used Libsyn for years, and I have no complaints.  One particular episode I released where I explained the Obamacare bill in plain language was downloaded over 10,000 times within 48 hours.  It was a rather large file compared to other podcasts I've done.  It was a 2 hour show, and over 150mb.  If I had stored that locally on my Webhost server--which I no longer use--I'm convinced it would have crashed the server not only affecting me, but all the other websites occupying the same server I did.  Podcast delivery networks like Libsyn and Blubrry have redundancies in place for this eventuality.  They are extremely affordable, and in the case of Blubrry you have the opportunity to get ad placement, which may help defray the cost. 

So, to recap, never put your podcast on your own server.  Pay a little bit of money, and use a tried and true delivery network.  Remember, they won't continue to listen to your podcast if they can't download your podcast. 

LINK: Paul Ryan won't run for re-election  #

When the Speaker of The Republican House decides to throw in the towel, the writing is on the wall.  

One Post To Rule Them All?

Playing with the idea to combine blog thoughts, links, and the podcasts all in one post with the date at the top.  I think I may have done this before, but the more I look at it, I just want the site to be a running stream.  I'm somewhat convinced that the site is still too busy for what I want right now, and that's something minimal.  Maybe just one section down the center instead of three will do it?  

LINK: Prince Tribute Mural  #

That's just amazing.  Pretty sure I know one or two folks wanting to make that pilgrimage.  

LINK: When A Watch Isn't A Watch #

So Apple Insider says that the beta of WatchOS 4.3.1 warns users that apps using the Watch OS SDK 1.0 will no longer be supported.  My bet is that the next OS update won't support the Series 0 or 1 Watch.  Early adopters will be looking at upgrade.  For some of the bleeding edge adopters, this wont be an issue, but I worry more about the normal user.  A well make mechanical watch is something you buy once and wear for years.  You don't upgrade a Movado.  The Movado IS the upgrade from that Swatch you wore in high school.  

There's going to be some whining, I think.  What's going to get lost--I'm fairly sure--is the reason this is actually happening.  The Watch is making it's way towards being it's own standalone device.  The original apps depended on the iPhone.   Personally, I'm very biased towards being able to just have the watch on me and leave the phone behind more and more.

A follow on thought for the day the watch is a standalone device, possibly even a primary communicator.  I wonder what the Cellular companies will do then?  I've got an LTE Series 3, and the data line is 10 bucks.  I almost never use voice.  So the question of a price increase for that line will be interesting, to say the least.  

LINK: Somebody help Stan Lee, man.  #

There's plenty of reasons not to be a fan of Stan Lee.  He wasn't as fair to his creators back in the day as he should have been.  But no one deserves the nightmare he appears to be going through right now.   There's something not right about that daughter.  If I take THR at their word, that woman is freakin' evil.  Stan has ceased being her father, and is now only a commodity to be traded.  For that alone, I'd like to drop her off a goddamn cliff. 

I can't lie, this article triggered the hell out of me.  I read too much that reminded me of my brother. 


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