Trawling: January 4 2017

Headlines, from Democracy Now!  

Dish Network has released Air TV in time for CES.  I bring this up because it's the closest competitor (in my opinion) to Apple TV.  One feature that Apple TV doesn't have is the ability to work with an OTA antenna.  It imports those channels so you don't have to (I would hope) switch inputs on your set.  When I cancelled cable a little over a month ago, these things worried me. I have to tell you, I don't miss it, and I don't miss anything I want to see. The Direct TV Now app on my Apple TV, along with my OTA antenna works a treat, and frankly I work so much I just can't justify the expense of 300 bucks a month for TV/Internet/Phone that I wasn't using.  Now it's 100 bucks a month for Internet only, and 40 bucks for Direct TV Now.  

I'm happy, my wallet's happy...everybody's happy. 


Current Book:  Tools of Titans, by Tim Ferris (Amazon Affiliate Link)


Some nutjob we should have removed from the gene pool when we had the chance got rushed to the ER for "an undisclosed ailment".  I don't speak ill of the dead, but I'll read this guy's obit with satisfaction.


You know what I really can't stand?  Cutesy soundbites designed to try to start something.  Like this one.  THEY FAIL. STOP DOING THAT. 


My local NOAA Weather, because at the slightest mention of snow, people in the 757 have a complete cranial/anal inversion.


if you haven't seen it by now, you really need to check out Wendy's Twitter account today. No need to ask where the beef is, they're having beef with everybody.  


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