TRAWLING: February 8 2017

Here are the headlines from Democracy Now!


The Daily Stoic:  366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perserverance, and the Art of Living (Amazon Affiliate Link)

You know, I'm finding something here that agrees with me.  A weird kind of ultimate confirmation bias of things I suspected to be truths, without having any authority to back up those beliefs.  Turns out the authority comes from dead Romans.  Go Figure.   I suppose I'll follow this up with Marcus Aurelius' Meditations for a deeper dive.  



The book I mentioned above mentions three factors that were crucial to the Stoics:  Perseverance, Action, and Will.   I'm glossing over this quite a bit but basically, the only thing you can control is your mind.  Don't sweat the external forces, just worry about out own choices, attitude, and outlook.  

There's a lot of external forces vying for our attention these days, isn't there?  So, what are we to do.   

Well, I would suggest that not every noodle thrown against the wall is going to be al dente, so don't eat it.  Press on and do you.  There are going to be times when it is necessary to make your voice heard, but that's going to be those things that align with your core beliefs.  Only you know what those are.  However, if every little piece of information that you receive causes you to throw a fit, you're going to get fatigued very quickly.   That leads to a kind of shell shock, and we can't afford that. 

We still have to live our lives.  We still have to be productive people, not for society, but rather for ourselves and the people we care about.  My advice is to stop consuming the empty calories of mass media that pile on the fear, uncertainty, and doubt.  If something happens of great import, you will know it.  Trust me on this, there's a certain level of current events that no one misses even if they try.  

Until then, stay the course.  Remember, don't resist, refuse. Opt out.  


(...and read that book!  It's quite good.)


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