The Best Theme For Podcasters? Depends...

Occasionally, I go looking around to see if there's any change on the "Best themes for Podcasters" front.   Usually, I'm disappointed.  I've tried a few of the Wordpress themes that claim to be the best fit for podcasters, and I find them absolutely lacking.  Here's why.  Most of the people who drive me towards a particular theme are doing so because they are marketers, and the theme they drive me to isn't so much a podcasting theme as it is a marketing theme.  

I don't think you should have to tell me your name or your email address in order to hear my show.  I know, CRAZY, right?  Then again, I don't have a newsletter, and I'm not trying to sell you anything.  I just want you to hear my show.  

To be fair, my show and I have changed considerably over the years, and so does my take on User Experience.  Most Podcasters would like you to be able to go to [], and click a play button.  Yes, but what if you are more than a podcaster?  What if a podcast is ancillary to what you do? 

More to the point...what if a podcast isn't the primary thing on your site?  

In that case, here's what I would do (have done): Your blog (or link blog) would then be the front page of your site.  You have a separate page for podcasts, and in the blog section, link to the post for your latest podcast.  John Gruber at Daring Fireball has an excellent example of this.  If you look at the first page of his site...

...'The Talk Show' is Gruber's Podcast, listed off to the side.   It's a very clean and minimal site (which I like) based on Movable Type (which I haven't the first clue about.)  Here's how he links to the 'cast from the front page.  

This post is part of the front page feed.  It's an excerpt of the actual post, and clicking on the post title will take you to the actual post for the podcast.  Before we get there, I want you to see what the entry on the Podcast Page looks like.  

As you can see, this is just the episode description, without the sponsor listing.  Simply put, you don't need the sponsor listing in both places, but you do want that more expanded excerpt on the front page in your feed.    As with the front page excerpt, clicking on the post title will take you to the actual post.  

This is the whole enchilada:  I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this is laid out.  Episode description, player, download link, sponsors, and Show Links.  To my mind, this is how a podcast entry should be presented all the time.  

So that's how you can present a podcast on your site without it being front and center, and allowing all of your content to shine equally on the front page.  

I like this so much, I'll be adopting this practice. 




Kris Roley

Virginia Beach, VA, 23453