St. Vincent Is Amazing


St. Vincent forgives, but she does not forget. 

The Grammy-winning musician called out sexist guitar magazines while appearing for the first time on the cover of Guitar World.

I'm reminded of 1983 or so, when a really accomplished female guitarist for a band was relegated to nothing more than eye candy for their videos.  Her sister, one of the greatest voices ever in rock music, was pushed off to the side because she was plus sized.   A few years later, any girl with a guitar in their hand CLEARLY didn't know how to play it, because girls don't play guitar. 

Nancy Wilson might disagree.  Jane Wiedlin definitely will.  Joan Jett will just kick your ass for drill.  

Then the Glam Metal days came along, when all the Cherry Pie girls floated by us in an endless blonde cattle call of spandex vapidity.  Guitar World traded in that, right next to telling us we can learn Seventeen by Winger.  

Good for St. Vincent for owning Guitar World.



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