Sorting Out Ideas With Mind Maps

If you are anything like me (a possibility that may scare you a tad, but that’s ok), you have a brain that runs at Warp 9.  There are days where I have several ideas that hit me in waves, and it’s hard to make sense of them all if I don’t write them down.  Worse still, some of those ideas aren’t as fully formed as they ought to be.  It’s at those times that I need to take the time to flesh them out to see if they are worth pursuing further.  Here’s a very simple method to help you figure out which of the ideas are worth pursuing. Have you ever heard of a mind map? It’s a diagram that you can create.  There are programs that you can download that help with this, but I find that paper and pen work the best for this.  I usually put the word that best represents the idea in the middle of the page, and then start branching out from the center with lines connected to other words and ideas that come to mind related to that central idea. DO NOT EDIT YOURSELF.  Put everything down, as it’s often the case that the idea you think could be the dumbest one of all is the one that actually solves a pain point or provides a service people need.  It could be the one that helps you find the treasure, so why would you leave it out?  Put everything down.

Don’t worry if some of the ideas that come out are things that you are not an expert on.  You can research them further to see if it is something that people need.  If it is, then put it on a separate list for things to research later for a possible project for a new stream of income.

If you find something on that list that you can start on right away or in the short term, great!  However, I would advise against it until you have established some trust with your audience on a blog or a podcast.  If you have, start right away.  If you haven’t even started, what are you waiting for?

Start building your ship.


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