SHIP TO SHORE: February 1 2017

I suppose that this is going to be more of a free writing exercise, because once I try to put my mind to writing about a certain thing, my mind goes absolutely blank.  So, this is probably going to be more of a stream of consciousness form of writing.  Next to me I have a timer set to 15 minutes.  Whatever I get done in 15 minutes is what is going to get posted.  Period.  So, this might vary from week to week.  It will be once a week, hopefully on Wednesdays.  

It’s weird, because I do keep a daily journal, but that is somewhat limited to things that happened that day, and frankly, I say some things in there that I wouldn’t want to say out here.  Not hateful, just private.  I’ve gotten into the habit of journaling over the past year to remember what I did, where I fucked up, and the lessons I can learn from fucking up.

This is meant to be different, I just don’t yet know how.  Is this supposed to be my views on a certain topic in the news, or the culture, or something that’s pissing me off?  I just got up, and it’s 6am.  I don’t know what I’m supposed to be pissed off at yet today.  I’d prefer not to be pissed off at anything this early, if at all.   I’m not sure that’s healthy.  I lived in a constant state of anger and frustration for many years, and trust me when I tell you, living life not in a perpetual state teetering on the edge of rage is much better. 

In any event, I’ve decided one of my goals for the month of February is to write with more consistency for the site.  You may have noticed my daily TRAWLING posts, where I throw up links I think are interesting or relevant.  I’ve always been a fan of John Gruber’s Daring Fireball blog, and I like his style.  On my platform, I can’t really do the same thing, much as I’d like, but I can create a post every day that’s basically LINK/POST/MY SMARTASS OPINION, so I’m going to do that. 

However, I decided that if I’m going to write more for the site, I need to actually WRITE SOMETHING.  That’s where the problem comes in.  If I have a set topic, or I’m writing a script at work, I have source material in front of me to draw from.  In this case, the source material is nowhere but between my ears, and I have to dig that out of me somehow.  
It’s harder than you think, because I have about a ton of Pink Floyd lyrics and random useless knowledge to dig through before I get to the nougat center.  I just threw up in my mouth a little with that visual.

So, I’ve decided on just free writing for now.  So, forgive me if this sometimes doesn’t make any sense.  I’m knocking the rust off the pipes.  This format will probably change as I get used to more consistent writing.  At least, I hope it will.  



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