Ship to Shore 3/1/2017: Trump, Twitter, Subway, Uber

A Joint Session of Congress (or the State of the Union in any other year) is an infomercial.  It's been an infomercial for a long time.  The guy in charge tells you what he'd like to do for a price to be named later and his party cheers, the other doesn't.  There is nothing new under the sun here.  Then the other party finds someone completely lifeless to the response, and craps the bed for 10 minutes or so.  Last night was no exception.  

What struck me as Mr. Trump left the well of the House was that here we have a man who--for the first time--may be more in love with the image of what he thinks a President is, without wanting to take any of the responsibility of being President.  Then I laughed at myself, because really it wouldn't have been any other way with Trump.  Of course image matters more than substance.  That's been his life.  Long before this election and his billions in free press from a willing media, long before The Apprentice, there was The Donald, a man whose arrogance flaunted his apparent wealth in front of a public in a time when greed was good. 

It still is.  Greed and arrogance got him to Pennsylvania Avenue.  However, don't be fooled into thinking greed and arrogance will remove him from there.  His base, and the party that has ridden on his tacky gold coattails don't care about that.  They may eventually care about his irresponsibility, but I doubt it.  

What will eventually matter are the results and the consequences, because in normal times that's what people base their vote on.  We're not in normal times right now, but I think we'll return there soon enough.   

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Twitter will now let us mute the eggs.  Those eggs will now morph into whiny trollflakes who will cry censorship because they can't call you a whore anymore with impunity.  I invite them to get their own safe space on the internet where they can scream all they want and no one will ever know.  I mean, sure, it's because no one will ever show up, but that's another matter entirely. 

Interested in Photography?  You need to watch this guy.  I find him entertaining.  I'm taking his 11 Days to Better Photography Course (email opt-in), and I think it's great.  

I know that you’re as shocked as I am to hear that a fast food restaurant isn’t serving what you think it’s serving.  

I have the tuna sub there all the time, and now I’m worried.  I guess we’ll know in 20 years when my right leg is three inches shorter than my left one and I CAN TELL THE FUTURE.

I also know that you’re as shocked as I am that a guy running a hot-as-shit tech company acts like a dick to people. But he’s really very sorry that he got caught acting like a dick, and he’s going to 'grow up’.  Tell your management to do that as well, dude.  

Lots of interesting feedback on the most recent podcast.  Thanks, and I’ll address most of it here.  

The app that I was using to track my sleep pattern is called Pillow, and it’s available on both iOS and Android.  I paired it with my watch, but my understanding is that you can lay your phone under your pillow.  Yes, I know that sounds dicey, that’s why I used my watch.  However, most of the apps that I saw that didn’t pair with a watch of some sort tracked your sleep in the same under-the-pillow fashion.  I guess you should be glad you don’t have a Note 7 AND insomnia.  Though to be fair, having a Note 7 may be a cause for insomnia…

There have been a couple haters, and to them I say this.  I have never, nor will I ever make podcasts or any kind of content to make you happy.  That is not how this works.  I make content I find interesting, and it may change from day to day what I find interesting.  Ten years ago I was talking to myself in about 30 different voices without a script and making it fucking funny.  From time to time I may still do that.  I get to decide that, and right now, I’m not doing it.  I’m doing what I find fascinating.  Right now, what I find fascinating is identifying where I need to work, and working on it as transparently as possible.  All those 30 different voices in my head were one dimensional aspects of the full human writing this.  I would like to share the full human with you for a while.  

Vaya con Dios if that’s not your kick. 



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