SHIP TO SHORE 2/9/2017

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that it’s a blessing to have absolutely no opinion on things that don’t directly affect me.  In unrelated news, it’s also a blessing not to be outrageously outraged day in and day out because of things that don’t directly affect me. 

That’s the theater that the mysterious entity known as they would like to have you play.  “If you’re not outraged, then you’re not paying attention’ they say.   To which I say, “You go ahead and be outraged, and we’ll see who actually gets shit done.’  

If you’re spending time being outrageously outraged all the time, you’re spending capital you don’t have on things that don’t matter.  You know what matters?  Actions. 

I don’t want to be something, I want to do something.   Carrying signs and shouting is all fine and dandy, and I wouldn’t begrudge anyone that right, but they're not really doing anything but carrying signs and shouting.  

Somewhere, real work is being done by quiet people with intent. It might even be about the reason you’re carrying signs and shouting.  You won’t find them in a crowd.  They’re busy trying to change the world. 

It’s those people we should aspire to be, not the outrageously outraged.   

Cool sign, though. 


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