Shedding Skin


As I work my way through the pile of things in my studio closet, I'm amazed at what I've managed to keep over the years.  It's also forced me to reconcile a few things. 

I still had VHS tapes from my old days of going to Suncoast Video every two weeks and picking up another Doctor Who Episode.   I haven't owned a VHS player in years.
Same for the hundreds of DVDs I own.  I haven't had a DVD player in a few years now.  I don't know why I still have these. 

Old report cards from elementary school.  A referral for physical therapy from kindergarten when I was too small and too unwieldy for anyone at the age of five.   

In 3rd grade, I refused to sing a hymn that my Evangelical Christian teacher forced the class to sing during the Moment of Silence.  I got sent to the office repeatedly, got the paddle for that one. 

In 4th grade they said I was bored in school because they were teaching things I already knew.   Go figure.  

In 7th grade they said I was acting out and disrupting the class.  Apparently they had problems with me asking "Why?" at least one more time than they felt was necessary.  Or arguing with teachers because I thought they were wrong about something.  

Not much after that...yearbooks and the normal. 

I have not an unusual amount of vinyl and cassettes, they're just as unplayable at the moment as the VHS and DVD.  Some reminders of the early days of my radio and internet audio days.  

Old software that hasn't seen a computer in fifteen or twenty years. 

Some old Comico comic books from a title called Justice Machine, a collection of Bloom County and Doonesbury, my two favorites.   

And more wires and adapters than you can reasonably expect a human to ever need.  Apparently if I ever hoarded anything, it's cables. 

Now I get to decide how ruthless I want or need to be.   I'm in a mood to be pretty ruthless.  It may all go.  I need to start clean.  


You may think that sounds harsh, but I feel very zen about it.  Happy to evolve, if you think of it that way.  Shedding the old skin.  
Sometimes, that's a very happy thing to be doing.  

Like now.