As with many things about the iPad Pro, the superior hardware is waiting for the software to catch up. Gradually, third party developers are adding Pencil support for image retouching, which is a welcome jump forward. And all image editors benefit from the speed gains enabled by the iPad Pro’s faster processors. But the lack of RAW support in iOS hinders pro and enthusiast photographers from developing workflows that avoid duplicating work or depending on a Mac to get started.

It's a waiting game.  Yes, eventually the software will catch up, that's the nature of things.

However, the price point of an iPad Pro I find prohibitive.  A Dealmaker for me would be for Adobe to make a version of Audition and/or Premiere for the iPad Pro.  Not the watered down iOS versions that are out there today, but as close to a full version as you could possibly have.

Other than that, the price point is to close to a MacBook--or an iMac--to make any difference to me.  I'd go with the Mac. 

Kris Roley

Virginia Beach, VA, 23453