RoleyShow Episode 15: All Manner Of Monkey Ball


Mobile again today, from the Pungo Prius, Because I have no GD time, but I’m gonna Jackson Pollack the crap out of this podcast feed. You’re welcome.

While you’re listening to this, imagine a ring of spittle around my mouth as I try to explain my battery issues to an Apple Genius. It’s almost as bad as the ring of spittle I imagine around some shitty mom in North Dakota that shamed her brat kid in front of millions of people on Facebook. Keep that crap inside the doublewide, is what I’m sayin’ . When it comes to marketing a podcast, I blow all manner of monkey ball. But I’ve managed to come up with some workable solutions over the years about how to produce a podcast on a shoestring budget. Even when I actually lose the shoes they went to. Daniel J Lews of The Audacity to Podcast has a pretty good post about that subject, and I think you should read it.

A new(ish) app came to my attention—Auphonic. Puts your recorded files through the hopper and they come out smelling like kittens. Seems legit. I might try it.

…and more. Or not.


  • 25 Free Podcasting Tools, from The Audacity To Podcast
  • Kim's new Camera Accessories Bundle from Amazon
  • Mom sells brat kid's Katy Perry Tickets
  • Auphonic audio post production web service
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