Roley: 2017 Edition

After the 2016 Advent Calendar that closed out 2016, I gave a lot of thought about where to go next.  I'm all for planning and goal setting;  I'd be in the same fetal position I was circa 2005-2008-ish without it.  

But, let's make sure we're all on the same page:  If you're looking for Tony Robbins style mojo, this is NOT the place.   The more I think about it, I believe that the nexus of Planning, Goal Setting, and Piracy leads me to Next Years' Model... 

No Bullshit.

You may have noticed quite a lot of bullshit lately.  Starting around the Summer of 2016, I certainly noticed an uptick in the excrementality of people.   You might point to the Election as being a prime example of this, but I would suggest that the Trumpocalypse is just the end result of an iceberg of bovine scatology, the orange synthetic Dry Looked to hell and back hair-helmet of The Donald being merely the tip.

No, it's been a season of boot wearing for a long time now, and the layers just seem to be getting thicker.  So, what to do if you're feeling a tad...subversive?

In my case, I'm going to embrace it.  When I started this new podcast, I said that this show is going to be whatever I need it to be at any given moment.  If you believe that there's such a person as a multi-potentialite (as opposed to a schizophrenic, I suppose) then this platform allows me the freedom to go where I want.  Now, I want to subtract from the bullshit.  

For some of you, this may signal a return to form.  Some of the old ways will be returning, but not any of the old familiar places.  What I can tell you for sure is that we will be doing No Bullshit News.  From there, it's going to be quite literally where the prep takes me.  You may laugh, you may get angry, and you may--perish the thought--learn something.  

Something else I'd like to announce today:  Our new Patreon Page.   I have to be completely honest with you: I have struggled about opening a Patreon Page for a long time, the main reason being that with life intervening in the way it has over the past two or three years, I didn't feel it fair to ask people to pledge their hard earned money to something that was inconsistent at best.  However, I have shifted my thinking on this.  If you pledge a recurring monthly amount to me on Patreon, you are placing your trust in me.  You are holding me accountable.  I deliver, or you vote with your wallet.  With that in mind, I have given a lot of time to what I KNOW I can deliver, and you will see that listed on the Patreon Page.  Also: the reward structure you see here may be expanded to offer other things as time goes on.  It all comes down to what I know I can do NOW, and what I may be able to do later as time allows.  I should make the following point, just to close this out: The podcast will always be free.  Your patronage gets you extra stuff.  You want extra?  Get extra.  Or, don't.  We're good. 

I don't take this lightly.  In fact, your patronage will allow me to build out Scrappy Gull Studios to be a full professional  and video workshop.  I want to book time at SGS for folks who want to podcast or shoot videos but have no resources of their own, to producing and delivering podcasts for people, to teaching them how to podcast for themselves.  This is what your donation will help me do.  For more information, please do check out my Patreon page, and thank you in advance for your support.  

In many respects, this will be the return of a more personality driven train wreck.  For me, it will be getting back to what makes this medium fun for me--shooting from the lip.  Coupled with my want to make our lives better, this will be a lot of fun.  I hope you enjoy it.  





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