Remembering the Internet Tools of the Past

Anil Dash:

My hope is that those who are building tools today will see what’s come before and use it as inspiration to help give voice to people on the web in ways that are a bit more open-ended and a little less corporate-controlled than the platforms we have today.

One of the worst things we've done over time is let people start thinking that Facebook is not the internet

We got away from the walled gardens of Compuserve and AOL, and somehow went right back to them.  How did that happen?  

Because Facebook made it easy and sticky on the brain, for lack of a better term.  

I remember quite a lot of the platforms mentioned here.  Some of them still exist, even if the current state of the Internet has rendered them obsolete.  

I think that this is yet another perfect argument for having your own space on the Internet, and creating your channel.  


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