Q an A-Hole: What happens if a guy stops liking your photos on social media?


Well, first I want to acknowledge your pain in what has to be one of the most trying times in your short existence. Over in Africa there are people who walk many miles in one direction just for the opportunity to get clean water to drink, bathe, wash clothes, cook what little food they may actually have. In the supposed 'civilized' world, journalists are being dismembered. Trans people are in danger of losing basic human rights because they identify with something other than their biological gender. People are starving in Appalachia when they're not strung out on opioids or dying of black lung. Mill and Plant workers are being lied to about their jobs coming back. Health care is being threatened again. Social Security and Medicare is being threatened. Again. The Middle Class is being threatened. AGAIN. We're circling an economic drain that's going to lead to another crisis.

But your pretend internet boyfriend decided to swipe left. Clearly, it's the end. There's nothing else to be done. We had a good run.


It's the Internet. It's social media. It's not real life, and chances are neither is your boy.

Put down the phone or the laptop or whatever and go meet actual people doing real things in the real world, where likes are not the fucking currency, emotional intelligence and empathy is.

At the very least, when the boy you like stops showing up, it's more obvious as to why.

You suck at life.

Do better.