Q An A-Hole: If you could create a podcast that reaches Top 10, would you?


(As a reminder, these are questions -- usually anonymous-- that I find on Quora that I feel need to be answered with the respect they deserve.)

I can tell, random anonymous poster, from the way you wrote this question that you do not have it in you to be a podcaster if you are asking that question.

Every single podcaster would love to have a popular podcast with thousands of followers, sponsors beating down their door, recurring revenue coming in, and being constantly on the front page of iTunes. We ALL want that. But if that is ALL you're looking to do, you will fail. Because podcasting isn't about success.

Podcasting, at its core, is a desperate cry for attention aided by technology and the internet. Podcasting is unpaid therapy. Podcasting is what we do because we can't strangle our boss or find a rage room in your town.

I've been Podcasting since 2006, I've literally done over 700 episode of various podcasts by now AND I'M FINE. I'M JUST FINE. NO, REALLY.

You seem stable. You should probably stay that way and do something more socially acceptable.

Spew your incessant crap all over Instagram.