Q An A-Hole: Are Social Media Influencers Out Of Touch With Reality?


Social Media Influencers fall into the same people that want to tell you that they’re Vegan, into CrossFit, and want to have a word with you about essential oils.

Influence me by not pointing out you’re an influencer so often, and I might believe it. Just do what you do.

Also, calling yourself an ‘influencer’ is not going to get you a three night stay at Bellagio because they could ‘use the exposure’. They don’t, you do, shut up. About the only thing you’re going to get by referring to yourself as an influencer is everyone assuming that you’re the farthest thing from it.

True influencers have been doing their thing for years without having a name for it. What’s more, they don’t care.

So, I suppose these fake influencers aren’t out of touch with reality, because that would imply they know what reality is. They don’t.


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