Q An A-Hole: Has using Facebook to market your podcast brought success?

Well, let me put it this way: I was promoting a podcast on Facebook before they castrated organic reach for anyone with a Page. So, after paying more money to Facebook than could reasonably be described as sane, I have not gained any more audience or any more downloads for my podcast.

However, I now have the kind of insight into my existing audience that I never cold have dreamed of.

For example, I have a listener named Ellen, who hails from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Runs a cumberbun knitting crafts business out of her home on Cottsmere Ct. Makes a killing on Etsy. And thanks to the analytics Facebook provides me for targeted advertising, I was left wondering why anyone would not only WANT to purchase a four foot long black dildo with a fist on the end, but how any normal mortal could possibly accommodate such an object.

To top it all off, I’m the one getting all the ads for lube. Not Ellen, ME.

So while I thank Ellen for being part of my audience, I sincerely hope she takes it high, dry, and diagonally for the rest of her living days.

You’re Welcome.