On the 2nd Anniversary...

On this day two years ago, I lost my mother to cancer.  I lost my Dad about 90 days earlier due to complications to untreated diabetes.  

I both miss them and and curse them at the same time, to be honest. 

In their passing, I found many lessons, all pretty much along the lines of "Don't do this."

It's these lessons, combined with self-reflection on the person I have been in the past that leads me to the inescapable:  I have a moral obligation to make sure my kids don't have to deal with my mess when I'm gone, and I have the same obligation to you.  

Some of you are in a mess.  I'm still cleaning up theirs and mine at the same time. 

We can ALL do better, can't we?  Of course. 

So let's remember the people in our lives who aren't here any longer (because either death took them or you moved them out), wish them well, and let's be the captain of our ship again.



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