On Facebook Live Audio


The podcast industry is growing, but it doesn’t have the same virality that videos and news stories do. Facebook might be able to change that, though, and if it decides to push live audio in its News Feed algorithm, it could be great news for podcasters.

This does not give me a peaceful easy feeling.  Facebook is where the eyeballs are, but I really feel like giving your content to someone else's platform is not the idea we should be pursuing.  In the end, the idea should be driving traffic to where you want them to go.  

I foresee people not wanting to go the extra mile to create a place of their own, and using Facebook exclusively to carry their content.  That's a problem.  

Facebook wants to be the place you go to consume all media.  Independent content creators need to leverage Facebook, but not be Mark Zuckerberg's Entertainment Provider.  

Or bitch, for that matter.


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