Notes From The Vortex 4/28/2019


As a diabetic, there are certain things I know are bad for me. Worse, there are things that are actually good for me in every other way, save for the sugar. For example, orange juice. It is rare that I’ll break down and have orange juice, because it spikes my blood sugar. So it was that I’m in a grocery store on a Sunday staring at a six pack of tiny lunch milk carton sized boxes of orange juice. I decided to get it so I could have OJ with breakfast, which I’ve started eating at home again. I like Jesus Chicken as much as the next guy, but it’s a little pricey to go every weekday morning. In fact, for two biscuits, it’s $5.55. That’s $27.75 a week, $111.00 a month. I could be doing something way more useful with that money.

We just didn’t wake up and decide that we get to live by our own set of facts, you know. This fragmentation has been happening for years. The Flat-Earthers and the Anti-Vaxxers of today were the Sovereign Citizens and Black Helicopter Nutjobs of yesterday. We dumbed down the mainstream media and made it into Infotainment and Reality TV, and the alleged journalists of today are overpaid stenographers unable to ask follow-up questions.

In the meantime, we became our own media. There’s good news and bad news there. For every thoughtful and intelligent actor in the space, there’s a dozen crackpots who wreak havoc on facts and truth.

That’s on us. We did that. Look around, you see the result.

So, what are we gonna do about it?

The Supreme Court is about to hear three different cases that—mark my words—will very clearly define what kind of society we are. Not idle and fantastical talk, not flowery oratory about the better angels of our nature, but a very clear and fixed point in history. We are either a tolerant society who cares about the basic human rights of every individual no matter who or what they are, or…we aren’t. If we aren’t, it will be the largest endorsement that it is ok to discriminate against another human being. To make within our midst a second class of citizen who have most of the rights of a citizen of this country. To be clear: Most isn’t good enough. We’ve already argued this successfully in another case that ended with the right for my LGBT friends to marry upheld. Now we need to argue that our LGBT friends who have transitioned are just as deserving of respect, and of their civil and human rights as the rest of us. We need to knock this blinkered and antiquated thinking back to the Stone Age where it—and those who believe it’s ok—belongs.

Sometimes I remind myself that I am at my absolute happiest when I have some bloated, clunky method or process that I can render to it’s component atoms and putt back together in a way that, and this is a technical term, fucking works. It’s been a while since I’ve engaged that part of my brain, and the dopamine hit was very welcome indeed. It more than made up for the pushback I got as to why I’m doing it differently.

Have you MET me?

What is with this new wave of productivity/motivation/marketing gurus releasing day planners? I’d say in the past 6 months I’ve seen this pick up, at this moment I have four emails from four different gurus shilling a planner with their own personal spin. My personal favorite is the new line for ‘ambitious women who are also fashion forward’ who will be ‘excited to show it off to their clients and their friends”.

It’s true I use a method of journaling called the Bullet Journal, but you make that yourself, with a dotted paper journal you can get for a buck 2.98 at Walmart for fucks sake. If you want to splurge, you can get a Moleskine or a Leuchturm1917 for about 20 bucks. I think this is the next place to engage in a little piracy.

A brief reminder that while the Tour de Trump is not unimportant in the scope of the Universe, daughters acting in plays and my desire to get out of the 9-5 and into something else of my own creation is more important. Also more important than the Trump du jour is being able to give of myself and my abilities humbly and without expectation. It sounds very guru-ish, but it’s true: When I’m in the positive giving zone, I get as much as I can handle. When I’m not, I get nothing. I know what I want. As a matter of fact, there is a physical representation of my ambition. Years ago, it was a dilapidated General Store in Pungo that I wanted to buy, fix up, and turn it into WYRD 101 Studios. I wasn’t ready then, and I believe that ship has sailed. However, there is a building not far from where I live. I used to work in this building. It’s a disused bingo hall now, but I think it could be something more. That is as far as I will allow myself to think for the moment, but I’m thinking about it.

For now, I’m working with a new friend—Trae--and getting his new podcast off the ground. To say that he’s had a rocket strapped to his ass is kind of an understatement. He posted a video on Twitter about doing a new Civil War Documentary different from the “accepted” history Ken Burns 'Ashokan Farewell’-ed into our brains. He went from about 400 Twitter followers to over 6300 in just a couple days. So, rather than that first episode hanging out on Soundcloud, we needed to get that into a proper podcast feed on the quick. Anchor works well here, as it’s free, can try to match you with sponsors (Academics need love, yo), and we can get him some subscribers and proper metrics. I’m happy to help: this is what I like to do. This is what I want to do, and more to the point, it’s one of a very small number of things that I’m good at.

Need to address the elephant in the room. I broke the Monday through Friday podcast chain this week. I had no ability to even think about shows this week. I’m sorry. The Poddlement will resume as soon as possible.

Have a good week.