Notes From The Vortex 3/31/2019


As I wrap up a very full weekend, I note with a little satisfaction that one of the projects I’ve worked on is now live.  ScrappyGull Media was born out of a frustration with the podcast and new media space—or at least a chunk of it—to bleed people who want to learn how to blog or podcast dry.  It bothers me, especially when the basics are so remarkably simple.  The highest amount I’ve ever seen for a course and a network that you will have access to upon completion, was 2400 dollars.  That’s insane.  So SGM is now a thing, and while I do intend for it to be a legitimate business that makes money, it’s certainly not going to be that way.  I like sleeping at night with a clear conscience.  


It’s rare that Kimmers and I get the weekend off together unless she takes time off.  This was one such weekend.  It’s nice to just run around and do things with the Redhead around.  Or just do nothing, which is sometimes even better.  As I get older, I find that time more and more important.  We found a new park to take some pictures, and ran into a friend who is a very good photographer.  Looking forward to the Spring and Summer Photo Walks this year. 


One of the things I needed to do this year is something it’s been my honor to do for the past three years, putting together the music for my friend Ginni’s dance recital at her church.  Ginni’s daughter Lisa is one of my dearest friends, and for a guy who likes to say No as often as possible, this was an easy Yes.  That kind of Yes is the reason I say No so much.  

In retrospect, that has been one of the hardest lessons to learn.  No is not personal.  No isn’t a reason to apologize.  No is fair to both asker and asked if you don’t have the time or energy to devote to something.  They can find someone or something else if they were considerate enough not to ask you last minute.  Of course, where this all falls apart is during the day job, but that’s another story for another day.   


Speaking of work, I have one little peeve (ok, one among many).  Monday thru Thursday is business causal, and Friday is casual.  On occasion, we’ll have visitors from elsewhere in the company, or other high falutin’ muckety mucks on a Friday.  When that happens they send an email to the whole staff asking for business casual on Friday.   I get it.  That’s a deviation from the norm.  So why send the request for business casual on a day when we are already expected to dress that way?  Just say we have visitors.  We got the rest.  If you have to specifically tell a person to dress business casual on a day they’re already supposed to, you have a problem that needs to be addressed with that person. The only other explanation that fits is that the company thinks we’re idiots that need to be told, and I find it just a little insulting.  Just me?   


That’s all for now, enjoy your week.