Notes From The Vortex 1/6/2018

I took a little solace from the world burning this week by taking most of the week on vacation. To my surprise, Kimmers managed to get the same days off, so we had some nice time together. It’s all I’ve really been asking for, really. Most of the past year has been a blur, and we didn’t get to take the time last year that we had wished. It’s been wearing on me for the better part of the past three or four months. I’ve pretty much worked straight through with very little time. Add to that the simple fact that Kim’s schedule and mine don’t match (she works at least one weekend day half the time, and both the other half), and it’s just that we don’t get to spend a lot of time together. At this stage in life, that’s something that’s getting more and more important to me. Hopefully over the course of 2019, this is something we can resolve. July will be our 25th Anniversary, and I really want to do something…well, not big, but memorable. I’ve always wanted to go South to the Keys, but we’re thinking now that we might put that off until my 50th Birthday in 2020. Mid Coast Maine is now on the table, with possibly a trip home to Machias so my wife can see the little town I come from. If that’s the case, I think that will be the last time I go to Machias. There’s really nothing there for me now. Camden and Rockport? That’s a different story entirely. I honestly see myself spending Summers up there in my old age. If things go the way I would like, I would like to become the Snowbird my parents wished they could have been. That’s going to take a little work, and well…there ain’t a lot of time left, all things considered.

Back to work tomorrow, and as I understand it we’ll be moving to our new home. This time last year we moved into a temporary spot as renovations to the part of the building previously occupied by another company got underway. We were supposed into our new digs over the Summer, but you know how it is. Like the song says, Nothing Ever Goes As Planned. Over a year later, and it’s at the point that I am not going to believe this is actually happening until my ass is sitting in my new place.

I'm feeling really good about two things right now: One, I can finally see tangible results from working out for the past six months. Especially in the upper body. Shoulders and arms are starting to look a little more like the guy that used to live in this ugly bag of mostly water. Standing a little straighter, and because the medication and exercise keeps my blood sugar down to a normal level more often than not, I feel much more clear-headed, and seeing bits and pieces of the younger and much more intense Kris. The more I see of him, the more I know I can act on the second thing I’m feeling good about, which is being able to fit all the things I want to do into a day or week. I finished the first week of a daily podcast that I haven’t been able to do in over a year. Really, my ability to work my ass off and get this stuff done all comes down to my energy level, and as long as I can keep that up, I can keep going. It’s early in the game, so let’s see how that goes.

But what a week that was! I felt better about that week of shows than I have about any show I’ve done in at least two or three years. I hope that came through in the delivery. One of my bosses had a neat way of putting that attitude from last week, “Fuckless and Emboldened.” I wish I could put that on as a subtitle of the show. Apple Podcasts might take issue. So…no. It’s there in the back of my head. I felt more ME in that week than I have in a long, long time.

Enjoy your week, my little flock of freaks. Back in the pod on Monday.