Not Good Enough

So, what if you’re not good enough? So what?  Are you going to let that stop you from trying?

Keep trying.  It’s the only way to GET good enough.  As long as you don’t quit, then you haven’t failed at it yet.

I’ve been podcasting since 2006.  I’ve done well over 500 shows under different names and on different websites that I’ve created.  Exactly none of them have caught on.  I haven’t quit,  I just haven’t found the thing that ‘works'.

Despite that, it’s really hard to look at something I love to do, and that I get to do every week as something I can fail.  I win every time I get behind the mic, because I get to get behind that microphone and share something with the universe.

I don’t much care if it never catches on, what matters is that I get to do it.

That is how you should look at your ship, whatever it is.  You’re blessed to build that ship and share what you love with the universe.


You’ve already won.



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