Never Question The Ideas You Have

Here’s a piece of advice:  Never question the ideas you have at the moment you have them.  That’s letting the ocean steer the boat.  You’re second guessing the birth of an idea at the moment of conception.  

Write it down.  If you keep a journal (yes, keep a journal), then write it down there.  Then come back to it later at a time interval that’s comfortable for you, and THEN decide on whether or not it’s seaworthy.

If not, then you have a record of a great idea in theory.  Who knows?  What isn’t viable now might be in the future.

If it IS viable now, then what’s the next step?  That’s a project.  Put it in the hopper. 

I had a great idea on the way home last night to revisit the reason I started doing audio on the internet in the first place.  I might be able to do it, but it will take a lot of work.  It’s in my journal for now, waiting for the time when it’s viable for me to start work. Most likely summer, and most likely a one season thing.  

More than that, it’s a chance to prove something that I think needs to be proven. 

We’ll see. 


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