Mossberg on Siri


Siri’s huge promise has been shrunk to just making voice calls and sending messages to contacts, and maybe getting the weather, using voice commands. Some users find it a reliable way to set timers, alarms, notes and reminders, or to find restaurants. But many of these tasks could be done with the crude, pre-Siri voice-command features on the iPhone and other phones, albeit in a more clumsy way.

I've mentioned this before, but Google's assistant (as demo'd at this year's I/O) has got it light years ahead of Siri.  Siri needs to up it's game, pronto.  There are certain places--like the car--where I need to be able to talk to the phone and have it understand what I want it to do.   Anything from playlists to picking something up to eat on the way home.  Google can do this, why can't Apple?

Simple:  "Because Apple can't buy anything better than what Google can invent."  (h/t Piller) 

Google has put the work in on this, Apple hasn't.  Period.  


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