The Biggest Mistake New Podcasters Make With Episodes

Let’s set the scene: You have recorded an amazing podcast. It’s got amazing content, you’ve got a clear point to get across, and you’re excited to get it out to people…and no one sees it.

I can’t tell you the number of times this happened to me in the past. Not only that, but on the occasions where I found I had a ‘hit’, I couldn’t figure out why. There didn’t seem to be a pattern at all. Why were some podcasts getting more attention than others? It finally hit me. I wasn’t naming my episodes in a way where they could be found by someone searching for that subject, and I realized I had to change my ways.

In the early days of podcasting, you might have been able to get away with naming your episode Episode 1, or use the name of your show and the date. That’s just not the world we live in anymore. We live an a world with hundreds of thousands of podcasts, and surely hundreds devoted to the same subject you’re talking about on your show. If you want them to find you, you have to give yourself every advantage towards being found more easily than someone else.

Look at the title of this post. “The Biggest Mistake New Podcasters Make”. Now look at the other more recent posts. “The Three Questions You Need To Ask Before Starting A Podcast”, or “How Often Should I Podcast?” Three Things to Consider” These are descriptive titles that tell you what that post is about. Podcast Episodes should be no different.

If Mary has never heard of Rush, and wants to know what album she should start with, she’s going to search Google or her podcast app of choice. So, if she searches for ‘Best Rush Album”, and you have an episode called “Why Permanent Waves is the Best Rush Album EVER.”, Mary might be intrigued enough to click on the link and check out your podcast. If your show is titled “Episode 21, July 26th, 2019: Permanent Waves”, while it does tell someone what the episode is about, it doesn’t exactly scream PICK ME. You want them to pick you.

I realize that writing podcast titles that sound like Buzzfeed Listicles sounds like clickbait, or at least what some would describe as clickbait. My definition of clickbait is a title that doesn’t represent what the article says. If I tell you that Permanent Waves is the best album ever, and then back it up, it’s not bait.

By doing this, you’re also giving the seeker another way to find you. Maybe they don’t know the name of your show, or your name. Maybe they only know what your podcast is about. Ideally, you have the name of what you’re podcasting about in your show title, so you can be found that way. However, you can also be found by subject, and now, by episode title. Search terms like “Roley, Rush, Permanent Waves, Best Rush Album, and Rush Podcast” may just bring up your podcast.

The whole point is to be found. Write better episode titles that tell people what your podcast is about, and help them find you.

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