Instagram Live?


One of T Journal's readers sent in screenshots and a video of a curious icon lined up with Instagram Stories on top that's clearly marked "Live." It led to a "popular live broadcasts" page, but it refused to load -- not surprising since the company hasn't even officially announced the feature yet. T Journal also posted a screenshot of the app's camera screen that says "Go Insta!" at the bottom, which we're assuming starts a live broadcast.

Or maybe they want Sanka?  

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.  

Big question.  Videos on Instagram are 60 seconds.   Will they remain that way?  I think the use case is for going live on FB, saving the Video to your camera roll, and then clipping 60 seconds out for Instagram...but that's not going to be live, is it?  

Going on InstaLive for 60 seconds to tell people you'll be on FB live?  

Or will you really just have  a short 60 seconds of content?  Maybe. 

I don't see the point.  Help me out.


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