BLOG: I'm A Contentreprinfluencer And So Can You.


Hi. I'm Kris, and you probably don't know me. That's ok, I couldn't pick you out of a lineup either. But if you give me a few short minutes, I'm going to change your life.

If you're anything like me, you work a 9-5 job that you hate. You honestly believe that spending an eternity in Hell upside down in a boiling cat of your own toxic byproduct is preferable to spending one more minute with that insufferable twerp of a manager. You know the one. The one that tells you for years that there are rules to be followed, but when those rules need to be applied to someone other than you, suddenly they're *guidelines*. The kind of guy that parks his souped up Hyundai Excel from 1989 across two parking spaces because the sound system is worth more than the car. THAT GUY.

So, when you come home and kiss the wife and kick the cat, or whatever it is you do, you sit and think to yourself "Self, why cant I just figure out how to make money without, you know, having to conform to societal norms like basic politeness, human interaction, or personal hygeine?"

Well, that last one is optional, but I'm here to tell you that you CAN in fact design a life that puts you squarely in command of your own sinking ship.

There are things that you do outside of your toxic hellscape of a job. Things that you love. Things that you literally can't live without. Maybe you play guitar. It's possible you crossstitch, or draw. Maybe you love professional wrestling. Maybe you have a collection of golf balls from every course in the world that outweighs your piece of crap car.

The key to living the life you want is to talk about that thing until you're recognized as the go to person for that subject, and every other loved one in your life has run away with their ears bleeding.

I call it Contentreprinflucing. Let's break it down:

Content: Every thought, picture, post, tweet, every single thing you put online is content.

Entrepreneur: Something you believe you will be able to call yourself while you're eating that third bag of Cheetos and tweet-watching HGTV, and WHY NOT.

Influencer: Using that content, and your Cheeto dust encrusted smartphone, you will become an expert, a tastemaker, a driver of opinion.

Read that a few times, because this is the beginning of a learning pathway that is riddled with the hopes and dreams of people who thought they understood what it meant.

Now read it again.

It means that every time you post something for someone else to consume is an opportunity to make that a piece of useful content to you.

Every Single Post

Every Single Platform

You know how your neighbor who runs the civic league has been trying to get you to go to her church since you moved in 15 years ago, and every single conversation somehow comes back to Jesus, Guns, and Keeping the white race pure?

Like that, but with no guns, no Jesus, and more tacos.

During the coming days and weeks, I will be showing you how to become a Contentrepinfluencer, and not just by reading this blog. I’m going to lead by example, and show you what a Contrentreprinfluencer looks like by documenting it in every form I can think of. Video, Audio, the written word, Interpretative dance, I might paint on rocks if that helps.

If you want to see the process, come here to the website, follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and look for Kris Roley on YouTube.

Let’s go.