It didn't.  It's amplified my life. 

I'm a member of the last generation that spent any time without a PC in their home.  I'm a member of the last generation that knows what three channels looked like.  I'm a member of the last generation to bump up against the gatekeepers of media.  I'm a disillusioned disc jockey who figured out I could do a show of my own without having to fuck without a program director.  I'm a creative type that beat my head against the gated community of the vaunted tastemakers and assorted douchebags that controlled what you read, saw, and listened to for years.  I'm a pirate soul with a computer, a microphone, and frequently, a bad attitude. 

I love every minute of this life.  I can record a podcast in my car at 8am in the morning about what's on my mind today, and have it up by 9am.  I can write a blog post with links that I find interesting, and have it out by noon.  I can take pictures and shoot little videos with my iPhone and you get those right now.  I can create little funny wallpapers for your phone and put those out once or twice a month.  I can answer questions like this all the damn time.  

Because tech and the net and media amplified my life, I can entertain, enlighten, and amplify yours.  

Here's the best part: Instead of worrying about how media and technology ruins lives, let's embrace the fact that it's actually revealed who we really are, and use that newfound knowledge to make life better.  

If I had any complaint about tech, it's that I'm from a generation that had three lives to a goddamn video game, and then another 18 hours to find something else to fucking do with my day.  I cannot for the life of me understand people who sit in front of a video game for hours at a time.  Not even the X Box stuff, because I understand that eventually there's an end.  It takes a fucking week, but it ends.  I don't get these games online that people dive into balls first and never come out.  They don't end, they're like, farming imaginary rutabagas and think they're accomplishing something.  Meanwhile you haven't bathed in three days, the credit card company would like a word with you, and the girlfriend doesn't come around anymore and by anymore I mean, you think you saw her three weeks ago for two minutes.  

That is someone I can point to and say that technology is ruining their life.  I believe that wholeheartedly.  

The question you have to ask yourself is whether or not the technology and the internet and the media are the tools you use, or whether you are the tool they use?  

I know how I want that question answered in my life.  What is your answer? 

If you're the tool, you can do something about that today.  Will you? 

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