Gulls Will Fly

If you were to ask me right now what three traits a seagull and I share, I would say "Scavenger.   Optimist.   Survivor."

Scavenger:  We all have a little bit of this, don't we?  Think about all the times you've had to think of a solution on the fly.  You made it up as you went along.  You held it together with chewing gum and duct tape.  

Sometimes Literally, MacGyver.  Calm down. 

That's not a bad trait to have.  That means you can think on your feet.  It means you don't let emotion cloud your thought process or your judgement.  That's not to say you bottle things up; that's not good for you either.  It means you can accept what you're feeling, let it go (or compartmentalize) and get on with what needs to be done.  You know that that most important question you can ever ask yourself in stressful situations is "What is the next right thing I can do?" and you do it.  You repeat that question and answer until you're done.  

Optimist:  There's just no way I can play this any way but honest:  I used to be a Eeyore on Steroids.  The glass wasn't just half empty, it was too small, and I'd probably break it anyway.  Think like this, and you live like this.   Now, some people have honest problems with depression, and other external factors that require doctors or therapy.  If you think you might be one of those people, then go get some help.  But honestly, some people are just grouches.  Don't be that guy.  I'm happier right now than I have ever been, and until you find that virtuous circle of happiness leading to opportunity leading to happiness, I can't describe it.  You won't ever want it to stop, though

Survivor:  Life throws you curveballs.  It's a thing.  Sometimes, things just fall apart.  Sometimes YOU fall apart.  That's OK.  Can you get up?  Get up.  Don't get mad, don't get numb, don't 'get' anything.  Breathe.  Walk.  Be.  Then, once you realize you have all your fingers and toes, let the Scavenger take over and do what he/she does best:  Fly.

Kris Roley

Virginia Beach, VA, 23453