Gizmodo: FB Feared Conservative Backlash Over Fake News Fix


A New York Times report published Saturday cited conversations with current Facebook employees and stated that “The Trending Topics episode paralyzed Facebook’s willingness to make any serious changes to its products that might compromise the perception of its objectivity.” Our sources echoed the same sentiment, with one saying Facebook had an “internal culture of fear” following the Trending Topics episode.

This was one of many factors that led to the Trumpocalypse.  I don't hold Zucks wholly responsible for this mess (no one should), but let's be clear.  You can do what's in the best interest of your business, or you can do what's best for the greater good.  

Facebook has gotten to big to focus on just their business interest.  The lie that used to go only halfway around the world before the truth puts it's pants on can now do it several hundred thousand times before you get your coffee.  

The greater good requires work that FB was too scared to do.


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