Getting Back To North


I'm being tugged in a whole lot of directions right now, and I thought I'd take a second to define them in black and white.  Somehow, I'm hoping against hope that I will see where North lies when I see it on paper instead of a bunch of nebulous ideas in my head. 

The comedy is always there.  The characters are always there, although I'm dead set against bringing back WYRD 101 and The Pungoverse.  That ship has sailed, and I honestly don't think I can do anything else with Pungo.  This doesn't stop the urge to write things in those voices, because that's my default even now.  I've written in that style for so long it's second nature.  Writing as ME is hard, and yet that is exactly what I want to do.   

The side of me that is pissed off about the Presidential Election and it's fallout over the next 3.5 years (minimum) wants to do a sarcastic political and current events show.  I've tried this a couple of weeks ago, and while I think I could do well at it, the trial week was enough for me to know that my heart isn't into it.  

Yet another idea I've had is to explain concepts using small words.  The new GOP healthcare bill, finance, Why this town--while I believe it's the best city in the world--has it's priorities backasswards, things like that.  I won't lie, I think that's a natural extension of my personality and that will happen organically.  I just don't want to make it my primary reason for doing anything.  

But the thing I keep coming back to is writing stories and telling people that you can be a complete fuckup and still do good things.  All I can give you there is my experience in being a fuckup--which is considerable--and helping in whatever way I can by telling people it's ok.  I'm glossing over that quite a bit, but I want to share my story and help people write theirs. It's the only way I know how to leave this world better than how I found it.  I've said this a million times, or at least until you're sick of it.  My trouble is that I keep losing the why.  This is always my problem, aside from being distracted by the new shiny things of all different shapes and sizes.  The fog sets in, and I can't find the lighthouse, never mind North.

So every once in a while, I need to find the course again.  This is one of those times. 

Yesterday I sat down with a notebook and wrote a bunch of ideas down.  If I did every one of those Ideas I would have 36 weeks of material.  I consider that just a brain dump for me to sift through.  What I know for sure is that it's time for me to stop throwing things against the wall to see what sticks.   It's time for me to stick to something I know I can do for a long time and have my heart in.  

As such, I'm putting new episodes on hiatus.  Now is a good time for me to add to the back catalogue while I'm writing, so once or twice a week I'll be adding to the Archive.   What I intend to do is write and produce a season of 12 episodes over the course of the summer, and then drop them in the fall. I’ve done this before, so I know I can.   I’ll add to the YouTube channel during this time; I know I will be vlogging while I'm in Maine at the end of June.  I just don't believe my everyday life is that damn interesting to put out something daily on video, and I don't want to manufacture a reason to bore you to death.  Whatever it is I end up doing will be in both video and audio, and maybe other things.  One thing is for absolute certain, it will be the most I’ve ever planned ahead and prepared for.   This next chapter of Roley I want to be different, where different means the absolute best I can do.  

I just don't want to do anything for the fuck of it anymore.  I want a reason, and to know I'm doing some good.    So, let me go find my map and my compass and get back to North.