First Principles

  1. Job security is an illusion.  There is no more gold watch for 40 years of service.
  2. Income equality between class and gender will never happen if you wait for them to do it.
  3. The world is now, and will continue to be run by manufactured crisis and 24 hour news cycles, and all of it is an illusion.
  4. I choose to reject the current situation, because it is designed to keep us in fear, and keep us in line.
  5. I choose to be as free as society allows me to be, with joy in my heart and malice towards none.
  6. That means shedding the debt society wants me to keep, and being financially independent.  It means being able to think critically. It means being at peace with myself and those around me, and it means working for myself as the master of my fate, and the captain of my soul.
  7. I choose to simplify my life so that I may never need or want what is being sold to me--unless I choose to have it because it resolves an issue.
  8. I choose to work at peak productivity, and rest and play often.
  9. I choose to recruit others to this cause, so that we may be a new Republic of Peaceful Pirates, a force of joy and purpose to be reckoned with.


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