TRAWLING: February 2 2017

If you're keeping count, it's Thursday.  If you're not keeping count...well...

Lost of people ask me why I post the headlines from Democracy Now! up top here, and not something else.  Great question, easy answer.  First, I have reached the point where I trust corporate news sources about as far as I could comfortably spit a refrigerator, and second, I haven't yet figured out how to embed NPR.  If I do, I might switch out.  Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! is viewer supported, not ad driven.  Also, the first 10-15 minutes is pretty much straight headlines, and that's all I need for my day.  Talking heads are empty calories, and it pollutes your mind.  

That said, here are the headlines from Democracy Now!


Occasionally, instead of links I'll take this space to make a point.  A point that is guaranteed to piss someone off.  Today is one of those days.  

I can forgive Donald Trump for a lot of things.  For example, it's not hard for me to forgive him for his temper, as I have one of my own that I work with on a daily basis.  I can forgive him the administrative fumbles that seem to have plagued his first weeks in office. I can't imagine going from what was really a small privately run company to running the Federal Government, which employs hundreds of thousands of people.  The logistics of that behemoth must be frightening.  I can even forgive his administration for it's gaffes and not seeming to know what one person said (and to know what not to say) from day to day.  We're all in uncharted waters now, so I can forgive a lot of that.  That's not to say that I agree with this administration.  I don't, not one iota.  

What I cannot--what we cannot--forgive, is the reckless disregard for our military, which we have now been told was the case.  It has been reported that Donald Trump green lighted a covert operation in Yemen without sufficient intelligence, resulting in the death of a Navy SEAL, and 8 year old American girl, and others.  To have sufficient intel and make the wrong call is forgivable.  To not have it and make the wrong call is intolerable.  

From The article:

US military officials told Reuters that Trump approved his first covert counterterrorism operation without sufficient intelligence, ground support, or adequate backup preparations.

As a result, three officials said, the attacking SEAL team found itself dropping onto a reinforced Al Qaeda base defended by landmines, snipers, and a larger-than-expected contingent of heavily armed Islamist extremists.

Now comes the information from today's briefing that our President, who sent our men into that disaster waiting to happen, didn't bother to be in the Situation Room to watch.  


The president was here in the residence. He was kept in touch with his national security staff. Secretary Mattis and others kept him updated on both the raid and the death of Chief Owens as well as the four other individuals that were injured. So he was kept apprised of the situation.

This is beyond unacceptable, and I might remind you that had this happened under Hillary Clinton's administration, the screaming wouldn't have stopped yet.  Also, I might remind you that Clinton and her old boss can demonstrably prove their presence in the Situation Room at one of the most historic moments of the past 16 years.  

I can forgive many things, as we all should.   This kind of callousness and incompetence towards our military is not one of those things.  

If his negligence is directly responsible for the death of that SEAL, than he is not fit to be Commander in Chief, and he must be removed from office before his negligence gets another member of our military-- or another American-- killed.  


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