TRAWLING: February 1 2017

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But what is a shame is that Capaldi really was just hitting his stride and finding his tone as the 12th Doctor. Ah well; better to leave them wanting more. Capaldi’s final season of Doctor Who premieres on April 15.

I disagree with this vehemently.  Capaldi has been amazing as The Doctor, what has been sadly lacking is the balls to make The Doctor the asshole Peter Capaldi is truly capable of being.  I longed to see that.  The scripts have been hit and miss as well.  One thing I will tell you for sure: The few episodes that Capaldi was the sole character on the show have been among the best episodes I have ever seen.  Proof that he knows the role.  He should, it's long been established that he was a fanatic for Who since childhood.

Now on to the oncoming storm of predictions?  I want a callback to Colin Baker's Doctor in the next regeneration.  I think Moffat has cleared the way with The Master becoming Missy.  The door is open, Chris Chibnall.  You can make history.   I hope she will be deliciously disagreeable, arrogant, self-centered, a bad dresser, and The Doctor...whether you like it or not. 

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The VP said she believed I’d shown what kind of journalism I want to do — I think the assumption was that I want to do advocacy journalism — and that it is not the kind of journalism Marketplace does...She said that we cannot be both activists and journalists at the same. I respectfully disagreed with that binary. I never suggested that we should become advocates rather than doing our jobs as journalists, nor do I believe we should take stances on policy issues in our stories. However, I believe journalism itself is under attack, and in order to defend it, we need to know what we stand for and perhaps even consider activism as journalists on behalf of fairness, inclusivity, and free speech. All told, I suspect that the move to get rid of me was more about fear of the perception of what I said than what I actually said.

Journalism--or at least what journalism should be--is under attack now.  My advice to you is to stand with those that stand behind their reporters and their work and not cower under their desks.  My opinion is that APM is hiding in a bunker with their fingers in their ears, hoping not to get hit.  Their preoccupation with 'the fear of perception' is nothing more than corporate cowardice.  Your bravery may have cost your your job Lewis, but I have confidence that an organization with testicular fortitude will snap you right up so you can get back to the work you believe in.  I wish you success.  


With MLS growing to 22 teams for the upcoming 2017 season with the addition of Atlanta United and Minnesota United, LAFC will arrive in 2018 to take the number of teams to 23. David Beckham’s team in Miami is currently on hold as they continue their search for a stadium site which puts their status as team number 24 in some doubt.

MLS Commissioner Don Garber has stated his goal of adding four more teams in the coming years to expand the league to 28, but more specifically two more teams will be added for the 2020 season to take the league to 26 teams. The decision on who those two expansion franchises will be will be made midway through 2017 and will come from these 12 candidates who have submitted applications.

I'm putting my money on San Diego  and Cincinnati.  I don't think North Carolina gives two shits about soccer, but I didn't think Atlanta did either.  That surprised me.  If NC gets a team, I think Charlotte would before Raleigh.  I also foresee Tampa getting a team sooner rather than later.   

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