Facebook to News Publishers: Yeah, No.

Buzzfeed News:

This morning, Facebook VP of product management Adam Mosseri announced that the social network is tweaking its News Feed algorithm to show more stories from friends and family members — a move that indicates Facebook is worried professional publishers are crowding out the normal people in your life you care about. 

Ya think?

Today’s announcement from Facebook is full of all kinds of night sweat–inducing details for publishers. It’s a devastating neg on the publishing world, the latest in what’s come to feel like an increasingly anxious courtship: Your business lives or dies with us. Rest assured, you’ll always be our secondary consideration!

When you depend on someone else's platform for eyeballs, who's fault is it when they tweak the platform, and those eyeballs disappear?   (Hint:  it's not Facebook.)



Kris Roley

Virginia Beach, VA, 23453