Drop Everything


This really sounds like more of a writing prompt question, but since I was asked it today, let me tell you what I would do "If I could drop everything".

Let's assume that the question implies that I'm financially set.  It makes no sense to drop everything if I wasn't.  It also implies that everything is right in my world, which is clearly not the case.  However, let's run with both those qualifiers in place. 

I would either sell the Hacienda, or I would gut it and reno the fuck out of it.  If I kept it, I would pay it off and give it to the kids, with the understanding that Kim and I have a room somewhere in the house.  After that...the wife and I would travel.  

A lot.  I want to see Greece and Egypt, Malta and Vatican City.  I want to see Hong Kong.  Ayers Rock.  Vancouver. 

And then, I want to settle down somewhere warm and have my toes in the surf for the rest of my life.  To write and record, and be a beach bum.  

Mostly though, I want to do the one thing that question implies:  Not have to worry ever again. 

That's what you do when you can 'drop everything'  the possessions and locations are just candy.  

The main dish is the gift of not having to worry.

Please serve me generous portions of that.